• Enabling students to become entrepreneurs

    Capital & advice for student startups

  • Student Startups Catalyst Program


    We're on a mission to enable promising students become successful entrepreneurs

    by providing them training, advice and capital via Applyifi.


    Why are so few students able to turn entrepreneurs?


    Many students do consider entrepreneurship as a serious career option. Yet, despite strong aspirations, and often even with great ideas, most students are unable to startup because they have EMIs to pay on their student loans, or need income to manage their life.

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    If aspiring student entrepreneurs are provided very small amounts of capital to get started, India will see tens of thousands of more student startups every year.

    Training Programs & Workshops + Access to Funding


    The Applyifi Student Startups Catalyst Program enables promising students on your campus become successful entrepreneurs by providing them training, advice and capital via Applyifi.


    How does this work?

    Applyifi will conduct training programs and workshops to help aspiring student entrepreneurs sharpen their plans.


    Shortlisted student startups will be automatically awarded structured mentorship from Applyifi to help prepare their business to be investment ready




    Post the training & mentoring, teams that score above 90 on the Applyifi Scorecard will be assisted in raising funding up to Rs.25 lacs.


    The initial tranche of Rs.5 lacs will be from alumni and students from partnering institutes, who will be asked to invest up to Rs.25,000 each or multiples thereof.


    Applyifi will manage the fund raising process including documentation and legal support. University partners will work with their alumni to support student startups from their alma mater.



    Applyifi will actively work with all startups who secure the initial funding from alumni & students, and prepare them to present to investors for a follow-on tranche of Rs.20 lacs .
    The top 10 teams from across the country will be invited to pitch to marquee investors at a finale in Gurgaon.


    (Funding is not guaranteed and will depend on several factors, most importantly quality of the team and their ability to execute a good concept)




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  • About Applyifi

    Applyifi is an online pitch deck and assessment report platform for startups

    Applyifi helps startups create a comprehensive online pitch deck, and provides startups and investors a 36-point scorecard and assessment report on the startup's investment worthiness.



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